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The soul of a film camera reborn in a digital era. Rekindle wonder in your everyday moments.

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New Feature Monday: a film type ;)
6 days ago – Mon, Apr 08, 2024 at 03:32:53 AM

We've taken on a lot of feedback over the last few months - thank you to everyone who's sent in pictures and chatted to us. (Special thanks to some key posts in the unofficial Facebook community!)

The overall feedback is that the orange/magenta hues in #flashbackclassic are often way too much. While it's fun for nighttime shots with the flash and a few other scenes such as snow and architecture, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to nature or other shots with a lot of blue and green.

So, we've created a successor to #flashbackclassic. I've just clicked the release button so it should be available in the latest version of the Flashback app within about half an hour of this post going up.

Here's some outdoor shots with the new film:

But, we've kept our original vision for nighttime shots with the flash:

This will be the new #flashbackclassic. It's a little confusing, but in line with your feedback: I decided that a film type with a broader range of hues makes more sense as the "default". Remember that Flashback cameras come loaded with #flashbackclassic out of the box!

The film which is currently #flashbackclassic will still be available under a new name, #flashbackbeta.  We've found overall that it looks great in some environments, but performs poorly where vivid blues and greens are important to the composition. Because of its narrower colour spectrum, the old film also tends to crush details in highlights, especially blue skies.

A similar shot to the ones above, but taken on the old #flashbackbeta. It's subjective - There's a lot I like, but the yellowing of the grass does give a more "old digital camera" feel, and the blue sky is totally lost.

What's next?

Of course, the new #flashbackclassic does come with some concessions. We've lost a little bit of warmth overall to create space for the vibrant blues and greens.

It's not perfect just yet. In pictures with a lot of natural blue/green tones and lighting, they can come across a bit too intensely, and the interaction with the natural vignetting of the lens isn't always pleasant. I'm happy to be releasing the current version and make any needed tweaks.

On another note: With a lot of app stability improvements (and general operational chaos) out of the way, I'm planning to make regular releases every Monday with a new feature. It might not be perfect and we might not have something every week, but it's a guideline I'll aim to follow!


PS: I've given the "choose film type" screen a bit of a makeover too. Let me know what you think!

My Day at Flashback - Behind the Scenes!
7 days ago – Sun, Apr 07, 2024 at 01:55:57 AM

Hey everyone, 

I've thrown together a quick behind-the-scenes video for you. I couldn't cover everything in depth, but I wanted to share a little peek into our world. As you'll see, not a lot has shifted in the past few months – we're still that small team, plugging away from our home base. 

Hope you find it interesting!

Our Apologies, Updates, and Latest Features!
9 days ago – Thu, Apr 04, 2024 at 08:32:35 PM

Hi all, things have been super busy so I’m really excited to drop in and announce two long-awaited app updates!

But first, I owe you an apology.

I recognise that I’ve been radio silent for a bit too long. With thousands of orders to be shipped across the globe, I haven’t had as much time to release cool new features as I would’ve liked to. Whilst we have all been heads down working tirelessly to bring Flashback to life, my lack of communication and transparency has left some of you feeling frustrated and overlooked, and for this I’m sorry. I didn't anticipate how many hours it would take to solve the winder/flash/battery issues in addition to the daily mayhem of shipping. With all of this I haven't had time to write and publish regular updates on Kickstarter, but I'm excited to be turning more attention to this today and in the coming weeks. I understand the value so many of you bring to making this dream a reality and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the love and support so far.

So what’s been happening at Flashback?

For the last three months it’s been all hands on deck shipping orders to 65+ countries and responding to hundreds of messages from customers. We’ve learnt some super important lessons about management and operations, as well as the challenges of shipping cameras around the world on our first attempt (our Thai, Dutch & Swiss customers know what I’m talking about!). I’m really focused on creating a more reliable product delivery and so have invested in customer service and support. I’ve also worked to create a distribution network that delivers when and where promised, and so have blacklisted a handful of our previous delivery providers.

As you may also know, there have been a number of product issues to address, particularly related to endlessly winding cameras and temperamental flash bulbs. I now have a solution for these and have made my best effort to respond to everyone who reached out with one of these problems. However, if you still have an outstanding product concern, especially anything related to the winder or flash, please get in touch ([email protected] or DM @joinflashback on Instagram) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Now as promised, some exciting updates!

The development time for the #flashbackclassic film type has been reduced to 24 hours. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who patiently waited a longer time in the early days. Your support has been invaluable.

Also, Mack has made it possible to submit up to 3 rolls to the lab to develop simultaneously. Each additional roll will take less time than if you waited for the previous one to finish. More importantly, if you have multiple rolls to develop, you won't need to remember to come back to the app at a specific time.

Finally, we will be releasing a new film type on Monday and can’t wait to share it with you all!

Hopefully, these updates are a nice taste of what’s to come. We have lots in the pipeline and work continues here daily at Flashback. Our team is more committed than ever to innovating and improving to ensure your experience with Flashback is a positive one.

As a side note, I won’t be monitoring Kickstarter messages any longer so please reach out via email ([email protected]) or Instagram with any queries you might have.

Stay Candid, 


More Android fixes and APK update
about 2 months ago – Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 04:23:34 PM

Hi all! Just a quick update. We've had some reports of connection problems on Android related to the last update (v1.1.0). We've just released a new version v1.2.0. It's already live on Google Play, or you can install the APK here:

While the last update fixed some app crashes, it also introduced a few connection issues. I believe that v1.2.0+ has resolved these connectivity problems while maintaining support for devices such as OnePlus without crashing. If you encounter any more app crashes or problems connecting on this version, please let us know.

The "built-in network" option is still a bit flaky on some modern Android phones, and I'm working on a new connection option to be released in the near future.

We're also working towards a way to migrate from the APK release to the Google Play release without losing data.


App updates, Play Store release, Android crash fixes, APK update
2 months ago – Sat, Feb 10, 2024 at 10:26:10 PM

Hi all, we've been focused on a few remaining shipping issues but we're still hard at work on the camera and app! We've had some questions about how the app updates work so please read below for more info.

How we're updating the app

On both Android and iOS, we can release most updates remotely to the app without the need for you to update the app via the App Store / Play Store. Generally, we release updates a few times a week. They will happen automatically when the app is restarted.

Occasionally, we do need to push a larger update which can't happen remotely. This version must be installed via one of the following:

  • an App Store or Play Store update (these can happen automatically depending on your settings)
  • installing a new APK version (this must be done manually)

You can always check the version of the app you're running at the bottom of the Photo Lab screen.

Google Play Store release (Android)

We're now live on the Play Store! Since we've been supporting the APK, we've been prioritising other tasks. However, we managed to push through the official release this week!

Play Store link:

APK users please note: it's not currently possible to update directly from the APK version to the Play Store version without uninstalling the APK version. This will delete all data stored in the app including undeveloped photos and rolls of photos in the gallery. We're working towards a solution to migrate from the APK to the Play Store version, but will continue to support APK users in the meantime.

APK Update (Android)

As mentioned above, we've released an app update that can't be deployed automatically. You can download the latest update here. Please install it without uninstalling the old version; your package installer should notify you that it's an update to an existing application.

APK link:

Crashes on some Android devices (OnePlus + others)

We had some reports of crashes when opening the app on certain Android devices. The latest update (both Play Store or APK) addresses some of these issues. If you were experiencing crashes on your Android device previously, please let me know if the update has worked for you!